Youth Development Reports

Find below informative reports, papers and research findings on youth development issues and afterschool programming.

  • 2008 Ipsos-Reid/Kids Now/State Farm results from a poll of parents across Canada on their views on the importance of leadership and life skills and afterschool programming.
  • The Review of the Roots of Youth Violence, by former Chief Justice and Attorney General Roy McMurtry and former Speaker of the Legislature Alvin Curling, was released in 2008 by the Ontario government. The report was established to help identify and analyze the underlying causes contributing to youth violence and provide recommendations for Ontario to move forward, including discussing the benefits of afterschool programs.
  • Girls in Canada 2005. A report prepared for the Canadian Women’s Foundation by Calhoun Research and Development. The information was collected to increase understanding of what is needed to help girls in Canada grow up to reach their optimal potential and competency.
  • 2004 Middle Childhood: Taking Action Together, prepared by the Child & Adolescent Development Task Group of the Federal/Provincial/Territorial Advisory Committee on Population Health and Health Security for the province of Saskatchewan. The paper looks at the middle childhood years and the key influences on this age group – family, peers, schools and neighbourhoods – to highlight opportunities for the child-serving sectors to take action together on middle childhood issues.