Mentor Training


All of the Kids Now volunteers are carefully screened and fully trained so that all participants enjoy the best experience.



  1. Volunteer applications are reviewed by a Program Manager
  2. A phone interviews takes place between Program Manager and applicants who meet the requirements.
  3. In-person interviews are scheduled with selected candidates
  4. Police checks are conducted
  5. Approval of volunteer applicants who meet all requirements and police check



Training is mandatory and delivered by Program Managers and experienced mentors. Volunteers receive the program manual that outlines the entire program. Trainees have the opportunity to ask questions, simulate exercises and gain knowledge of best practices from more experienced mentors.



  1. Volunteers are not to put themselves at risk by being in a situation where they are alone with just one of the kids from the group. Volunteers must be with at least 2 kids at all times.
  2. Physical contact with participants is strictly prohibited, unless required as part of an activity outlined in the manual, or required by an emergency situation.
  3. Social interaction outside of the program is limited to phone contact only.
  4. Kids should have a note if they are going to leave early from any program session.

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