cccAt Kids Now, there are many ways to help support today’s youth.  Help create a brighter future for young teens:

Become A Mentor

To become a Volunteer Mentor, you will become a positive influence for a group of young teens, but you will have to be available for 1 & 1/2 hours per week, for 12 weeks.

To find out more about becoming a Mentor, click here

If your time is more limited, we can find a rewarding volunteer opportunity to suit your schedule… HAVE A LOOK BELOW…

Or Lend Your Expertise:

We are currently looking for Specialized Individuals:

http://images2.layoutsparks.com/1/103112/single-star-black-design.gif  Graphic Designer: Assist with creating creatives / logos / pictures for website and newsletters (3 hours per week)

http://images2.layoutsparks.com/1/103112/single-star-black-design.gif  SEO Google Adword specialist: Assist by checking what our SEO currently is like and improving it (10 hour project)

http://images2.layoutsparks.com/1/103112/single-star-black-design.gif  Public Relations: We need help with Press Releases and getting them to the Media (4 hours a week)

http://images2.layoutsparks.com/1/103112/single-star-black-design.gif  Marketing Assistance: How can we be better? (4 hours a week)

http://images2.layoutsparks.com/1/103112/single-star-black-design.gif  Social Media: Need someone who knows how to get the numbers up by using relevant content. Facebook / Twitter / Instagram (2 hours a day)

http://images2.layoutsparks.com/1/103112/single-star-black-design.gif  Event Planning: help with the pre-planning, planning and organizing of our Kids Now special event in the fall.

http://images2.layoutsparks.com/1/103112/single-star-black-design.gif Guidance: bring your specialized advice and support to the table for business development, strategic planning or program content development.

http://images2.layoutsparks.com/1/103112/single-star-black-design.gif  Are you passionate about the development of today’s youth?  Contact us to find out about the Volunteer Board Member positions we have available.

If you are interested in any of the opportunities listed above please call Kids Now at 416.488.4848 or email info@kidsnowcanada.org

Need more reasons to volunteer? Here’s why you should volunteer now!