Transitioning into High School


Research shows that the transition into high school is difficult for youth because it is a shift in routine & environment. New fears, emotions and anxieties are a result of this shift. Learning how to successfully navigate through this transition is what Kids Now empowers kids to do.

Four key benefits of a positive transition from elementary to high school and what happens when a positive transition doesn’t occur:

1. It increases the likelihood of a student successfully completing high school, and thus minimizes high school drop outs.

a. Each course failed in 8th grade increases the odds of non-promotion from 9th to 10th grade.

2. It maximizes the youths learning and it enhances their problem-solving, management skills and resiliency.

3. Helps students with their self-esteem, goal setting and to have self-compassion, which in turn decreases bullying, diminishes anxiety and depression amongst this age group and it promotes acceptance of others and themselves.

4. Youth are less likely to engage in high-risk behaviours, such drug or alcohol abuse.