School Testimonials



  • “Our school is in a tough neighbourhood. We spend so much time trying to reach out and discipline the problem kids, that we sometimes tend to forget about connecting with the ‘good kids.’ We see this program as a resource for those kids – to help them excel and continue to be leaders.”
  • “Many students within our school experience low socioeconomic circumstances. Kids Now offers these kids an opportunity to benefit from life skills development tools that would otherwise be unavailable to them.”
  • “The program is such a positive experience that the only way I dare suggest improvement is to try to make it available to even more kids.”
  • “Because the Kids Now program develops confidence and character by way of emotional intelligence training, the children are better able to resist bullying and peer pressure and more likely to follow through on their own goals, including helping others, which is explicitly encouraged. I believe that this program plants the seed for more imaginative and empathetic responses to the conflicts and other stressful situations that our students are facing and will face in the future.”



  • “My child is more assertive since being in the Kids Now program; he is not afraid to try new things. I notice a big improvement in his self-confidence. He loved the program and feels more self-assured than ever.”
  • “The Kids Now program helped my son realize he is an individual who can make his own choices and that he doesn’t need to follow the crowd or be concerned with what others think. It has opened up a whole new world to him.”
  • “I decided to become a Kids Now coach-mentor because my son went through the program and it changed him completely, for the better. I wanted to give another parent and their child that same experience.”



  • “The Kids Now program made me feel positive about myself, so I could do things with confidence. I also learned how to co-operate and solve problems better with others.”
  • “Kids Now has improved my grades, changed my attitude toward people, and given me more confidence.”
  • “Kids Now taught me to think of the consequences before I act, not just the rewards or highs I get.”
  • “…the Kids Now program has developed my confidence and ability to deal with problems such as drugs, gangs, friends, and many other things.”