Peer Pressure

It’s human nature to learn and be influenced by those around us. This is especially true with people of our same age group. Our peers can influence us in a positive way by helping with assignments or encouraging us to follow our dreams.

However, many kids in grades 7 and 8 face and struggle with situations that are dangerous and harmful to their well being. Fellow peers can persuade to experiment with drugs, join a gang or introduce sexual behaviours that kids should not be exploring.  How kids handle these situations, will affect their lives for years to come.

As parents and caregivers, we don’t want to think about drugs, gangs or sex as part of our kids’ lives. However, peer pressure exists and it is often seen as necessary just to fit in.

Kids Now teaches kids how to stand up for what’s right, and to not fall into peer pressure by encouraging kids to always be their best and following their dreams.

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