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  • 100% of participants said they understand how to handle the stress in their life more positively after completing the Kids Now program.
  • 100% of participants feel more confident after completing the Kids Now program than they did before the program.
  • 100% of participants responded that because of Kids Now, they understand more about setting better goals and how to achieve them.
  • 98% of participants feel they could handle conflicts more positively because of the Kids Now program.
  • 92% of participants responded they would highly recommend the Kids Now program to others.
  • 91% of participants feel they can communicate better because of the Kids Now program.
  • 90% of participants stated the Kids Now program is helping them to deal with today’s problems and challenges.



In 2013, Kids Now published its first study among past participants to help us gain a deeper understanding of the long-term benefits of the Kids Now program.  A random sampling of program alumni from 1999 to 2012 in Ontario, Alberta and New Brunswick participated in an online and telephone survey.


  • Strong recall and positive feelings for Kids Now among participants with 96% stating it was a positive experience, 90% stating that Kids Now is a program worth supporting and 97% saying they would want their kids to participate in the Kids Now program.
  • Long-term value of the program was also ranked highly with 92% stating that they felt the program was a valuable experience and 90% saying they still use some or all of the skills they learned with Kids Now in their lives today.
  • Many respondents also felt Kids Now helped them make a positive transition into high school (64%) and become more active in their communities (64%).
  • Knowing what a difficult time of life middle school kids are in, it was particularly gratifying to see respondents talk about how Kids Now helped them believe in themselves (77%), raise their self-esteem (80%), deal with peer pressure (77%), and create positive relationships (89%).


When we learned that 87% of respondents would consider becoming a Kids Now mentor or volunteer, it inspired us to create stronger outreach efforts post program completion.

In January 2013, we launched the Kids Now Youth Advisory Committee, made up of past grads recruited through a series of recent focus groups.  The role of this new committee is to advise Kids Now on program enhancement, new program development, and to help create more alumni engagement initiatives to help reinforce the skills that they learned during their Kids Now program.



In 2011, a study was undertaken through the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto to evaluate the Social Return on Investment generated by the Kids Now program.

The study considered the impact of a dollar invested in the Kids Now mentoring program today and its long-term contribution to society through enhanced employment prospects and productivity of program participants as well as reduced costs to society in such areas as the justice, welfare and health systems as a result of anticipated positive lifestyle choices.

Preliminary findings estimated for every $1 invested in Kids Now, a +25% average annual rate of return is generated through increased productivity and reduced health, welfare and justice system costs.

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