Mentor’s Corner: Helen Loo

My name is Helen Loo, I mentored at Brock Primary School for two years now (2014-2015 term, 2016-2017 term).

What motivated you to become a Kids Now mentor?

I like working with children, and I believe everyone needs a mentor, whether you are old or young. When I was an undergraduate, I wished I had a mentor who gave me advice and help me navigate the tumultuous 4 years of my life. When I went to graduate school, I had more control of my time, and I wanted to mentor. I thought that mentoring earlier and younger would have longer lasting effect, and a better chance to minimize the mistakes. 

Do you think the Kids Now program is important for kids today?

Kids today are bombarded with information from social media, and the world in general. Without proper guidance, I believe that the information they receive can be misconstrued and lead them to make bad choices. Take for instance, inappropriate and/or hurtful posting on Instagram (and I am also including receiving hateful comments on social media) – whatever we post in social media can be misinterpreted and have an impact in other aspects of our lives such as our careers. Hateful comments can have an impact in our self esteem and lead us to respond negatively and lead us to perhaps make other bad choices. KN has a section on how to deal with conflict and self esteem, and this is where I bring up the dangers of mishandling social media.

What would you tell your grade 8 self?

If I could go back to grade 8, I would tell myself play more and worry less. And also, start packing because you are going to move to another country.

What has been your most memorable moment as a KN mentor? 

I have enjoyed every single day I mentored! Kids these days know so much more than I did back when I was their age. There are so many new slangs I never heard of.

My most memorable moment I would say was I asked the children, when you are mad or frustrated, how do you usually deal with this feeling? One kid cracked me up by saying: “I just go outside, and lay on the grass and pretend I am carrot.”

As silly as it sounds, it just means to stay calm despite the storm. Something I should remember myself when I am frustrated.

Would you recommend others to become a KN mentor?

Absolutely, it is a great way to keep yourself updated on what kids know these days, and current slangs (haha!). You are guaranteed to have laugh every single time you come in. But more importantly, it gives the mentors to have a chance to inspire generations to come.