Being pro-active with our kids about the issue of bullying

It’s anti-bullying week and I feel it is important to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to the issue of bullying. At Kids Now we are being proactive by having our Mentors provide kids in grades 7 & 8 with positive tools to help them deal with important life issues such as bullying and insecurities. I wish this was available to me when I was a child! If you are interested in helping, please click on the volunteer or donate button on our home page.s

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Give Canada 150 Birthday Gifts

Dear Kids Now Friend:

This video will take 98 seconds to watch.

This could be your child. It is time to intervene and give kids the tools they desperately need to cope and overcome the negative impact bullying, anxiety, depression and many other pressures have on them.

Click to Donate and YOU can be a Part of the solution!

You can make a difference! You can be a hero. You can help us get 150 kids in 15 days into the program. Your donation until July 20th will be matched up to $25000 by Andrew Kidd, the Kids Now board and an anonymous donor.

Give Canada 150 birthday presents with Kids Now! Every successfully participating kid will make a difference for the future of our country.
Donate NOW!

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Meditation 101

Meditation 101: A Beginner's Guide from Gobblynne on Vimeo.

We’re big fans of meditation because it works. Often we over complicate what it means to meditate and how to do it. To clear the air and the mind, here is a wonderful video that explains how and why you should mediate.

Watch and let us know what you think!

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Mental Health Awareness Month

It’s Mental Awareness Month and we thought we’d write a post to share our commitment towards the cause. Kids Now is not a program that deals with mental health issues, but we are a proactive and preventative program that seeks to open channels of  communication in order to help prevent and guide towards the right help if it does surface.

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Fly like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee


With this post we are not promoting violence. What we wish to do is share the wise words of a champion. Muhammad Ali was a huge character, incredible athlete and activist.  He inspired many with his words and impacted many with his punch. But he left words that  teach us what it takes to make our dreams come true.   Continue reading

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5 Ways to Communicate Better!

Everything involves a form of communication. It may be verbal or non verbal, but we are always sending and receieving messages. As part of the Kids Now​ program we teach our kids how to properly communicate so they can achieve their goals and improve their relationships with others.


Here are our top 5 communication tips we can all use 

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From Self Acceptance to Happiness!

Happiness can exist only in acceptance.

George Orwell

At Kids Now we love quotes. They are literary treasures that give us clues on how to live a good life. This quote by George Orwell in particular is very good because of its simplicity and how related it is to what we focus on in our program.

It is very important to be able to accept one’s self with the good, the bad, our strengths and our weaknesses. It is not an easy task and it will be a work in progress for the rest of our lives, but the sooner we start talking to our kids about self acceptance the easier it will be for them to reach their own kind of happiness.

When we can accept who we are our level of self-esteem rises, and as a result we stop being so hard on ourselves.

Here are our top 3 tips on how to begin our self acceptance journey:

  1. Pay attention to how many times you judge yourself and write it down. Beside it write down a good quality about yourself to counter act the negativity. This is a good way to start taking away the power from our inner critic.
  2. Take the time to celebrate your favourite strength with a treat, a bubble bath, or any other way that will make you feel good! We often don’t recognize our strengths and just focus on our weaknesses.
  3. Forgive yourself for your shortcomings and from past mistakes. We tend to stay in the past and replay our mistakes which prevent us from moving on and accepting ourselves for the amazing people we are.

If you have more tips please share them in the comment section!

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Knock knock… who’s there?

                        As you think, so shall you become.   ·  Bruce Lee

The mind is very powerful and can effect our behavior and outcomes. We can choose to think in a positive way that will build our character and enhance our potential OR think negatively and feel like we are not good enough and unlikely achieve our dreams.

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Happiness is inside you!

Every time we turn on the TV or check our social media feeds, we are exposed to so many images of what our dream life, body, career,  should be.

We take these images and messages in and then we doubt ourselves. We may even believe (especially our kids) that without these things, we will never be happy. But the truth is that this is all a lie that brands have paid a lot of money to promote. As parents, teachers and caregivers it is our responsibility to counter balance this with a sense of reality and help manage our kids (and even our own) expectations of what happiness is.

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Technology to help report bullying

We live in an age where everything is swipe away. Virtually, there are countless apps (some useful and others not so much) to assist you in whatever you can think of. Thanks to the TCDSB, there is one more app to download, but this one can be a life saver for many youth. Bullying ranges from physical to virtual, but most often youth feel unsafe or uneasy to report a problem. Continue reading

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