What is the Love Thy Selfie PledgeWe find that when people post selfies, they have a tendency to do one of three things:

  1. Make a joke about how embarrassing selfies are…
  2. Insult themselves…
  3. Or cite some sort of excuse for their behaviour.

It’s as though we feel like we have to judge ourselves before we post a selfie, in order to avoid being judged by others afterwards.  This speaks to a much bigger problem that Kids Now is actively trying to solve: a general lack of self-compassion in our society.

We want to stop the cycle of individuals being their own biggest bullies, and believe that our proactive approach to helping today’s youth is the best way to do this.


We are encouraging people to take a pledge to actively strive towards treating themselves better and developing a positive self-view. 

In other words: we need to stop being our own biggest bully and exercise some self-compassion instead of self-criticism! By taking the #lovethyselfiepledge, you are making an important promise to yourself and working towards a positive change.

Oh, and did we mention that State Farm will be matching each of the first 10,000 selfies with a $1 donation to Kids Now? AND that we set up a super easy text-to-donate option so you can contribute as well?!

Sounds like a win-win to us!

How to take the #lovethyselfiepledge

  1. Take a picture of yourself (hereby referred to as a “selfie”) and get ready to post it to Twitter, Instagram and/or Facebook
  2. Add the tag #lovethyselfiepledge to your caption to spread the message that you are pledging treating yourself better and developing a positive self-view.
  3. Nominate three (3) friends to take the pledge next.
  4. Optional Step: Want to put your money where your mouth selfie is? Text “kidsnow” to 41010 to make a $5 donation!

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That is it!

Note: Due to a recent change in Facebook’s API, only selfies posted to Instagram or Twitter are eligible for donation matching – but participants are still very much encouraged to share their photos to Facebook if they so choose since it helps to spread awareness!

Still not sure what to do?

Don’t worry – we have the following sections available to assist you:

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