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  • Shekeniah, St Hilary School Mississauga. 2014

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  • Sofia, St Hilary School Mississauga. 2014

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  • Summaya, Edmonton, 2014

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  • Sahaa, Toronto, 2013


  • “… It is through working relationships with programs like Kids Now that young people at risk of losing their way in life are offered strategies and leadership tools for a successful future. The Kids Now program equips students with a wide variety of communication, goal setting, stress management and problem solving tools and strategies which, combined with the positive experiences and successful role models they encounter at Kids Now sessions, inspire students to believe in themselves and make positive choices so they reach their full potential.”

Edmonton Catholic School Board Endorsement April, 2014 written by Joan Carr Superintendant

  • “…Through role play, presentations, and small group activities, the Kids Now program has taught many of our students how to discover that they can make positive choices, manage conflicts, and set goals that will have them feeling confident about themselves. Furthermore, the Kids Now program functions as a leadership program, which is especially beneficial to our Grade 8 students as they prepare for secondary school and the “real world.”

K. Maloney, Kids Now School Champ and Teacher, Earnscliffe Sr Public School Brampton, 2014

  • “…. Kids Now teaches our Intermediate students life skills that will help their transition to high school and even post-secondary for some. I believe in providing enrichment opportunities to all students. Students fortunate enough to be invited or chosen to participate will be mentored to make positive choices. Kids Now mentors are dedicated and talented individuals who have the ability to bring out the best in our students. Our most recent mentor, Janna Rozanova, was a very dedicated individual who managed to bring the best out of her students. I enjoy seeing the changes in our students who complete the Kids Now program. Students who may have been anxious when first joining, finished the program being more assertive and learned the self-advocacy skills that will benefit them for a lifetime. …”

W Matos Kids Now School Champ and Principal, St Teresa of Avila School, Mississauga, 2014

  • “…Most importantly, many of these students who had previously preferred to “stay in the background” took the risk to share their ideas and demonstrated confidence, humour, resourcefulness, passion and creativity. In fact, many of the participants stated that they had surprised themselves and had learned important life skills through their Kids Now experience…”

Barb Muron, Kids Now School Champ and Principal St Hilary School, Toronto, 2014

  • “…students will gain confidence and will exercise their leadership capacity within the school community and beyond. …The program offers students information on a variety of topics that will influence their decision making skills. In today’s world it is very important to understand the process and consequences, both positive and negative, about making decisions. Kids Now is able to focus on topics that will allow students to make more informed choices in the future about a variety of areas of their lives…”

Blair Tremblay, School Champ and Teacher, St Hilary School, Mississauga, 2014


“I wanted to write to you today to commend your organization on running a great program that is crucial to the positive development of our children.  As a partner since 2008, we have seen what the Kids Now program can do and how it brings the community together in raising our children.  Whether it is mentors who volunteer their time, teachers passionate about helping their students or the alumni that want to give back after graduating, Kids Now brings people together…”

Zac Stevenson, Community Relations, Public Affairs, State Farm Canada, 2014


  • “Kids Now made a difference in my life. I am a more confident, ambitious and enthusiastic individual thanks to this program.”
  • “It’s a very fun and entertaining program and helps with the transition to high school.”
  • “It’s a great way to build a foundation as a leader in your school and eventually in your community”.
  • “It helps you become a better leader inside and outside of school.”
  • “It really opens your eyes to the extracurricular activities you can participate in. It helps you express yourself and be independent.”
  • “It teaches you how to resolve things quickly and more effectively.”
  • “Kids Now is life changing. This is the prime time to get kids focused on leadership skills and making people feel good about themselves and others around them.”
  • “It’s a great opportunity to understand more about themselves and it will help them have the skills to be confident to get involved in high school.