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http://images2.layoutsparks.com/1/103112/single-star-black-design.gif Kids Now builds self-esteem and leadership skills in grade 7 & 8 students to help them become confident, resilient youth who transition successfully into high school and prepare for a brighter future.


http://images2.layoutsparks.com/1/103112/single-star-black-design.gif A world where youth grow to be successfully participating citizens in their community.



Since 1999, over 15,000 youth have taken positive steps toward brighter futures by participating in Kids Now. Created by a Canadian educator who saw a need to complement the existing school curriculum with life skills development, Kids Now has a proud tradition of helping vulnerable youth, their families and communities.



As a national youth organization, we provide a free after-school leadership training to grade 7 and 8 students through a mentorship model program. Our program builds resiliency in youth so they can steer away from negative influences and build important skills that will help them transition with greater confidence into high school and beyond.

Kids Now is a preventive, proactive program that empowers young teens with skills that enhance self-esteem and leadership skills, and develop positive mental wellbeing enabling youth to cope and overcome challenges like bullying, peer pressure, school/family issues, stress, anxiety, drugs and alcohol.

This year Kids Now will run 200+ mentoring programs, positively impacting 2,000+ youth.



Our leadership training programs run in middle schools and junior high schools across southern Ontario and Edmonton, Alberta. Programs are available for free to all students, and we focus our efforts on reaching students in higher-risk, lower income neighbourhoods.

Kids Now runs programs in many of Toronto’s Neighbourhood Improvement Areas, and our Hamillton programs are run primarily in Equal Opportunity Schools.

We work with local school boards and participating school principals that provide meeting space in their school for free, and volunteer their time to help manage the program.



Our program is offered exclusively to middle school students because at this age kids are highly vulnerable to negative influences. This is the ideal age to teach students 5 life skills they need before entering high school, and before serious problems may start to arise.



“… It is through working relationships with programs like KIDS NOW that young people at risk of losing their way in life are offered strategies and leadership tools for a successful future. The KIDS NOW program equips students with a wide variety of communication, goal setting, stress management and problem solving tools and strategies which, combined with the positive experiences and successful role models they encounter at the KIDS NOW sessions, inspire students to believe in themselves and make positive choices so they reach their full potential.” Edmonton Catholic School Board Endorsement April, 2014 written by Joan Carr, Superintendent



Our participants have gone on to graduate and build great careers, like Carey Escoffery, graduate of the first-ever Kids Now program and a successful corporate real estate adviser.

“Kids Now helped set me on the right path…I credit Kids Now with helping me develop a “forward thinking” mentality early on, that contributed to both my academic and professional success.Kids Now helped get me where I am today.”  Read full story here