Mental Health Awareness Month

It’s Mental Awareness Month and we thought we’d write a post to share our commitment towards the cause. Kids Now is not a program that deals with mental health issues, but we are a proactive and preventative program that seeks to open channels of ┬ácommunication in order┬áto help prevent and guide towards the right help if it does surface.

Depression, anxiety, and stress can lead to more severe issues when they are not addressed properly. When things get tough and the situation causes our kids to feel ┬ástress and anxiety, as parents and caregivers we often address the sitation inappropriately. We begin to point out all the things they are doing wrong and what they need to do to be better, to feel better, to change what’s happening. As much as we think we’re helping, in reality we are not. If we have learned anything throughout the years is that sometimes we have to say nothing and just listen.

  1. Listen — Letting someone speak their mind without interruptions and without any reccomendations can work wonders. Sometimes all we need is to let it out. But when there is no safe space to share feelings, depression and anxiety can grow stronger and take over. It may be hard to bite your tongue but at least give it a shot.
  2. Seek Professinoal help — if you’ve provided a safe space and your concern is still growing, seek professional help. Go to counselling together. Be present and proactive but leave it to the experts to give the advice.
  3. Mental health is not taboo –Many people don’t seek the proper help because they are ashamed of it. Don’t be! There are so many people who suffer from it. But there is help and it can get better!

If you are feeling this way or your child is, it’s ok. You are not alone. Seek help. If you need more information, please contact us


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