5 Ways to Communicate Better!

Everything involves a form of communication. It may be verbal or non verbal, but we are always sending and receieving messages. As part of the Kids Now​ program we teach our kids how to properly communicate so they can achieve their goals and improve their relationships with others.


Here are our top 5 communication tips we can all use 

1. Be aware of your body language: We often don’t realize how powerful body language is and the lasting impact it has. Our body movements, hand gestures, facial expressions and posture can communicate more honestly than our words. Be aware of how you use your body to communicate. Be confident and stand tall, this will have a lasting impression and make people take you more seriosuly.

2. Listen don’t interrupt​:  This happens to us all and we’ve all done it. Besides being annoying it is also very rude and jepordizes the message. Practice listening before you start speaking. Good listeners are hard to find and they are worth gold!

3. Think before you speak​: Think about what you want to say before you say something. It may help to write down some notes and organize your thoughts effectively. It will help sprt of through things that don’t need to be said fromt he important stuff. The more precise our message is, the better are chances are of reaching our goal. Don’t dilude your message with unnecessary thoughts. 

4. Be confident of your ideas

​: Your thoughts are unqiue and they should have a place in the world so they can manifest! but you have to believe in them fully before anyone else will! Take charge and share your thoughtout ideas with the world! 

5. Be open to feedback

​: Our thoughts are good indeed, but there is always room for improvement. When you share your ideas be open to feedback from others, that’s the way communication works! Listen carefully and process the feedback that makes sense and will help you grow and be better. Try not to take things personally and you will notice people coming to you more often for your opinion and feedback.

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