Knock knock… who’s there?

                        As you think, so shall you become.   ·  Bruce Lee

The mind is very powerful and can effect our behavior and outcomes. We can choose to think in a positive way that will build our character and enhance our potential OR think negatively and feel like we are not good enough and unlikely achieve our dreams.

Unfortunately, and to no surprise, the most common way kids tend think today is negatively. With social media running the way our kids consume information and communicate, they are faced with cyberbullying, overexposure to inappropriate content, and unrealistic portrayals of what their life should be like. All of these things cause kids to doubt themselves, feel depressed, and depreciate their talents and abilities.

We can’t take away social media but we can talk to our kids about how to deal with all the negative thoughts that come their way.


A simple and effective way to approach this is to picture thoughts like strangers knocking at your door. You acknowledge that they are there because you hear the knock and you look through the peephole. If it is a positive thought you can gladly open the door and invite them to sit with you and have them stay for as long as you wish. If the knock at the door is a negative one you simply don’t let them. It doesn’t mean negative thoughts won’t come knocking at your door, but it means that you have the power to choose whether you entertain them or not.

It all starts by teaching our kids, and ourselves, that we can choose to think in ways that will serve us and help us grow as individuals. Try this out and let us know how it works out for you!

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