Happiness is inside you!

Every time we turn on the TV or check our social media feeds, we are exposed to so many images of what our dream life, body, career,  should be.

We take these images and messages in and then we doubt ourselves. We may even believe (especially our kids) that without these things, we will never be happy. But the truth is that this is all a lie that brands have paid a lot of money to promote. As parents, teachers and caregivers it is our responsibility to counter balance this with a sense of reality and help manage our kids (and even our own) expectations of what happiness is.

Kids Now believes that we already have the elements we need to be happy. We don’t need material things and we don’t need to wait for the future to be happy. We just need to look within ourselves and spend time with each other and ourselves to find it. We are all created with talents and with the ability to design our happiness right now! When we discover the things we truly enjoy and work on them, these things give us a sense of purpose. They become more meaningful when we can share our gifts with those we love.

Here are are top 5 ways you can encourage your kids to look within to find happiness

  1. Take care of yourself: Eat well, exercise, take pride in your appearance, take a bubble bath! When you feel good  and make time for yourself, you radiate a glow that others will notice.
  2. Do something nice for others: If you don’t already know this, we dare you to try it. Do good and feel good! Help a neighbour, volunteer, compliment someone else, anything nice for someone else will surely make you feel happy.
  3. Be grateful: When we practice gratitude we focus on what we already have rather than wanting more. Gratitude promotes positive emotions in us, especially happiness.
  4. Limit time spent on social media: Social media is fun but we must be careful of how much we consume. Too much can become toxic. Set limits for yourself and especially for our kids.
  5. Get outside: Enjoy some fresh air and explore your local park. Being outside and playing with friends is an easy way to get your spirits up and keep you happy.

Whatever you do, remember that you have everything you need to be happy. Smile!


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