Kids Now at TIFF!


Kids Now at TIFF!!

Thanks to our wonderful partners Icon Vision Media and xocial, Kids Now is following the path to the Red Carpet at TIFF.

Kids Now and xocial (pronounced soh-shuhl) have created a 15-second campaign ad that will play on huge mobile digital screens in various locations at TIFF during the entire festival (September 8 to 18, 2016). We’ll be in front of thousands of film goers as they wait in line to buy tickets or stake out celebrities!

TIFF attendees and people following TIFF in the media (both social and traditional) can join the Kids Now #LoveThySelfie TIFF campaign and complete simple, fun and meaningful challenges that encourage positive self-image and earn them “social points”.

The campaign is hosted online at xocial .

Check out our fun 15 second spot now.

The campaign ad “You’re a star. Just the way you are.” builds on the success of the hugely popular #LoveThySelfie Campaign, launched by Kids Now in the summer of 2015 that inspired thousands of people and celebrities across North America to post a selfie, share it and encourage others to join in.  By teaming up with xocial, Kids Now is rewarding the efforts of the “everyday stars” who earn points in our #LoveThySelfie TIFF campaign.

This campaign will then be promoted in our Kids Now Fall mentorship programs, where our young teens will also join in on the fun as one of the many ways to build self-esteem, self-awareness and confidence.

About xocial – xocial is an online community that connects people and organizations to causes they care about, then inspires them to take action.  It’s a simple and fun way to make a difference in our communities. Using xocial, you can measure the impact of your efforts. Build your XO score and show off your good side!




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